Stephan Wehrmann explores tomorrow’s transport issues

erschienen in: DB Welt

Strategy department team leader Stephan Wehrmann develops future scenarios and new traffic concepts so DB can stay a step ahead of global trends

Berlin. Stephan Wehrmann has a view to die for. From his offi ce on the 20th floor of Berlin’s Deutsche Bahn headquarters, he enjoys a panorama of the city’s parliament buildings, the chancellery, the main train station, and the Brandenburg Gate. You are a lucky man if you can see four of the German capital’s main tourist attractions from your desk! It’s an overview that Wehrmann also needs in his job. The 34-year-old is team leader in Deutsche Bahn’s strategy department. What exactly does this department do? Wehrmann smiles to himself as he explains. “I monitor global trends and watch how certain markets develop,” he says. “My team and I use this information to come up with strategies that will be important for DB and its customers in the future.” Wehrmann and his colleagues have to answer the kinds of questions that are interesting to every large international company: What products do customers want me to provide in future? How does the world of politics view my business, and what regulations will I face in the coming years?

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