All roads lead to Kuwait

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Düsseldorf. The conference room at DB Schenker Global Projects is decorated with a map of the world. And Christoph Hilgers frequently uses this map to explain to guests in which countries his DB Schenker team has already been working. “Most recently, we were here in India, Algeria, and Saudi Arabia,” says the head of the German group of Global Projects/Industrial Logistics at Schenker Deutschland in Düsseldorf, while pointing unerringly at each of the various countries. Hilgers’s team literally makes global project logistics happen. They organize the transportation of individual parts for power plants, fertilizer plants, and methanol plants, as well as systems for the gas and oil industry. And here we’re talking “individual parts” that weigh tons and tons. “Imagine having to transport a power plant component weighing 300 tons through India,” says Hilgers. “Add to that a vehicle and a tractor, and before you know it you’ve reached 500 tons. But a bridge in India normally has a significantly lower tonnage. And as for the harbors – sometimes the swells are so high that we end up being anchored in the roadstead. Or we’re unable to call at port due to draft limitations.” Hilgers must have solutions at hand for these types of situations. And he must ensure that they are implemented.

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